Mobile Listings Solutions

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Home and Condo Real Estate Video Tours Production Services In The Greater Toronto Area

Mobile listings solutions packages were developed through extensive market research by a successful, forward-thinking online marketing company, and with feedback from not only real estate agents, but also individual home sellers and buyers. We are confident our product reflects the needs of all parties that make up the real estate industry.

Our goal is to provide a sleek, affordable way to showcase a property; give information to the end user to peek interest; and create questions to generate calls.

Common Queries and Questions

How come it's only $179?

While we think the price should have been $249 for basic package, we also wanted to be affordable to all agents. After many intense debates, we figured that in order to come down to $179 it would have to be a flawless, efficient process in order to keep high quality standards and good customer care. That's also the reason for many of the answers in the other questions. We just want to keep it simple, yet professional.

Do you use the photos in the video tour?

We use the front and backyard picture in the video intro, but the actual tour is 100% video.

Do you provide a hosted page?

Yes, we provide a link to a hosted page that includes the video on a player and the 20 images in a gallery.

How long is the Video Tour page hosted for?

All video tour pages are automatically unpublished in 3 months from the published date.

Can I extend the 3 months hosted page?

Yes you can, call to arrange, fee may apply.

When do I get the pictures and video tour links?

Our delivery turnaround is 48 hrs or less.

How long are your video tours?

Our video tour format is: two to three minutes in total length. 15 seconds for the intro, 1:30 for the main floor, and 45 to 75 seconds for the second floor (or used for amenities in the case of a condo).

I'm listing a big home, can I get a longer video tour?

We can shoot any home within the offered 3 minutes, however you can extend the video length in 2 minutes increments at $100 per increment.

Can I get a voice-over?

Our video tours don't include voice-overs, but the folks at will be happy to help you with that.

How come only 20 photos are included?

Because 20 good images is more than enough for brochures, and most websites only allow up to nine images. To be honest, people prefer quality to quantity.

What's up with that "get it for free page", is that for real?

Don't let the sleek system fool you. There are real people behind this website and yes, we have a sense of humour.

How did you come to the conclusion that the packages you offer is all we need?

Simple. We asked several agents three different questions on separate occasions in order to get true feedback. The questions were: 'What do you want?' 'What do you need?' and 'What are you willing to pay for?'

You'd be surprised at the discrepancies between the answers.

I do a lot of video tours, can I get a better rate?

We're busy too, can we charge you more so we do less?

Can I get anything extra with your company?

YES, we are in fact part of a big video production company and we produce videos from $179 to $200,000. Call us or visit for more details.